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Yay! It's Summer!


Don't let the summer slide prevent you from being at your best in September. Keep your mind active by continuing to practice your reading and math skills.



Here are some fun ways to do that:


  1. Join the summer reading program at the Pequannock Township Library 
  2. Participate in the program.
  3. Explore the links and activities in our Bitmoji Library.
  4. Check out Hour of Code and try your hand at programming.
  5. Email Ms. Meyerson about the fabulous books you are reading. Tell me why you like the book you are reading and why you would recommend it to other students.
  6. Create a Google slide or a small poster about a wonderful book you read this summer and I will post it in the library in September so that other students can get excited about reading, too!


Have fun reading, learning and growing this summer!

I can't wait to see you in September (in the library) to hear all about your summer learning adventures!


Ms. Meyerson